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Great results on a small scale !!

Check Systems Enschede has grown large by measuring small. In all the corners of the world, the graphics industry uses our instruments to measure minute height differences. For measurements between 1 micron and 2 mm, we've got all you need.

A combination of ingenious registration equipment and smart software provides numerous data on reliefs on a microscopic scale. Depth, surface and volume can be measured, and gradients and angles can be calculated with equal precision. 

We will gladly add any more specific calculations which aren't included yet. CSE b.v. goes to great length in exploiting all the possibilities within this special area of measurement. We have proven to be great on a small scale.

Products like the Dotcheck and the Checkmaster are presently being used mainly in the graphics industry. Especially the size of the holes and slots in the impression cylinders of rotary presses are vital information to this industry. The measuring data of these 'cells' are a yardstick for the quality of the cylinder. They are also decisive for the use of the plate cylinder. 

Measuring equipment of CSE provides the desired information quickly and accurately. The design is incredibly user-friendly as well. Three buttons and a joystick are all it takes to do the job. If desired, the whole measuring process can be performed automatically. The results are instantly displayed in a clear way. Of course all measuring data can be stored and printed if desired.

Why don't you take a closer look at our Checkmaster II to see some great performance on a very small scale.


'If it isn't possible, we make it'. That is in short the philosophy of CSE b.v. A philosophy we can live up to by combining our own technological know-how with that of two other renowned companies in this field: Heimann in Hamm (Germany) and IMIX in Apeldoorn (The Netherlands).

Heimann GmbH is firmly rooted in the graphics industry, which is one of the reasons of CSE's long line of successes in this branch. Besides, Heimann sells measuring equipment, which enables CSE to concentrate on development and innovation of its products.

IMIX Vision Support Systems develops the software for CSE. The company is specialized in graphical analysis. Like no other firm, IMIX knows how to analyse measuring data and how to present them in a clear manner. The simplicity and clarity of the software belie the complex computations it can execute with great ingenuity and speed.

More measurements

The developments are never at rest. CSE is now turning its attention towards other fields of application for its precision measuring equipment. The micro-electronics industry is one of those fields, but biology, chemistry and forensic research are also among the many areas which could benefit greatly from our accurate equipment. CSE continually proves to be capable of meeting very diverse demands. We will gladly help you to design new applications, to achieve specific targets and to meet particular demands, free of obligations of course.

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