Dot-Check Type WH343 + Type WH344

The world-wide known Dot-Check consists of a microscope with a high resolution CCD camera and a computing unit with monitor. The microscope is equipped with a special base so that it can be set up directly onto the cylinder. Two adjustable screws ensure an additional moving of the measuring position in directions x and y.

Two measuring lines are administered in the image onscreen. The distance between these lines is indicated in µm. Since the measuring lines can be arranged both horizontally and vertically, it is very simple to measure the longitudinal and lateral diagonals of the cells. The depth can be specified by the adjustment of the surface to zero and the subsequent focus of the cell ground. The adjustment in the z direction is done by a motor.


• Videoprinter for printing of images and measuring values

• Additional object lenses: 10- and 5- fields

• Calibration plate

• PCI plug cart inclusive of cable and software for storage of the images on one PC

Technical Data (subject to technical modifications)

Microscope: Type CSE

Video-camera: CCD-camera

Monitor: 10“ black-white

Reproduction: onscreen in µm

Illumination: high resolution-LED with automatic adjustment of light

Maximum cable length: 6 meters (between monitor and microscope)

Current Supply: 90 – 240 V alternating voltage (50 – 80 Hz)

Maximum consumption: 50 W

Enlargement and maximum measuring area in case of application of the following objectives:

5 x 115-fields horizontally approx. 1400 µm and vertically 1000 µm 10 x 237-fields horizontally approx. 700 µm and vertically 500 µm 20 x 475-fields horizontally approx. 350 µm and vertically 250 µm 40 x 950-fields horizontally approx. 170 µm and ve

Tolerance in case of application of the objectives 20 fields (diagonal) or 40 fields (depth):